About Us

If you live in this moment, you are one of us and About Us
The band hits that groove.  You and everyone else around you feels that oneness.  Complete strangers are singing together.  Normally shy people are letting loose, moving freely. Maybe you don't understand the lyrics, but you feel the beat and power of the music.  You open your ears, your mind and your soul to everything.  And you find that place where you love music and life - laughing, crying, dancing, feeling exhilarated.  You find a deep sense of comfort, equality and unity with everyone around you.  In that moment you areinconcertonly.png!

Are you with me?  Join the Inconcert Tribe!
I love going to concerts.  In fact, I've been to so many I couldn't even count.  Live Music touches my soul in a way that very few people in my life can.  Inconcert is about living transcendent moments every day - seeking them out through live music.  We love so many different types of music:  it comes in waves at different times in our lives.  Maybe you love the lyrics, a certain type of music or instrumentation.  But we all love the music.  I hope that wearing our gear - and connecting with the Inconcert Tribe - brings you back to those unforgettable live music experiences that transcend our everyday.  I invite you to share your concert experiences here and help us connect the fabric of humanity through live music.
Jamie Cato, Founder of Inconcert